Will My Disability Benefits Stop If I Move To Another State?

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Question: Will my Social Security disability benefits stop if I move to another state?

Answer: No. Social Security is a federal program. It does not matter what state you live in. In fact, if you are on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) your benefits might go up if you move to another state. Some states such as California, but not North Carolina, supplement the federal SSI benefits. All you have to do to get the supplement is to move.

SSI benefits, however, do end if you move to Puerto Rico or to a foreign country. Other types of Social Security benefits normally continue even if you move to a foreign country.

If you are pursuing a Social Security disability claim, we normally can’t help you if you live outside of North Carolina but we may be able to help you get to a lawyer in the other state. If you have already been approved and we represented you, we’ll certainly help you as best we can with any issues involved in a move — and, yes, sometimes our clients move outside the country.

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