Why SSI Disability Lawyers are Needed

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Many people wonder why SSI disability lawyers are needed.   Because we know the requirements for obtaining SSI under Social Security disability law and can assist our clients with this complicated process.

Qualifying for for SSI disability is a two step process.  First, you must have both limited income and resources.  Second, you must be unable to work under the standards of social security disability law.  Attorneys who work in SSI disability can guide their clients through the complicated regulations regarding both disability and financial requirements.

The rules of social security disability law for the second requirement are the same for SSI as for claims based on your work record. The Social Security Administration must find you medically disabled under a five step process.  The details of this process are complicated and can be difficult to understand.  This is another reason why SSI disability lawyers are needed.

A lawyer can guide you through the process of applying for SSI, determine if you will qualify for SSI, and advocate on your behalf to the Social Security Administration at a hearing. These are just a few of the reasons why SSI disability lawyers are needed and can make an application for benefits under Social Security disability law much simpler for the claimant.

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