Why Should I Hire You Instead Of Binder And Binder?

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Question: Why should I hire you instead of Binder and Binder?

Answer: Binder and Binder advertises on TV. My firm advertises on TV. We must be the same, right? Wrong. There are a lot of differences.

First, Binder and Binder has come under criticism lately, in places like the Wall Street Journal and a Senate hearing. Some of the criticism isn’t fair to Binder and Binder but some is. The controversy doesn’t help Binder and Binder win cases. There is at least one Senator who wants Social Security to investigate every client of Binder and Binder who has been approved. That’s not going to happen but it just shows the reputation that Binder and Binder has.

Second, Binder and Binder is based in the New York City area. My firm is based here in Raleigh. I was born in Winston-Salem and have lived in North Carolina my whole life. I love both Eastern and Western NC barbecue! For that matter, I actually love Texas style barbecue. However, I draw the line at South Carolina. That mustard-based stuff the serve down there isn’t fit for human consumption! To get back to the subject, why is a guy with a New York accent appearing in a TV ad wearing a cowboy hat? Maybe it’s because he’s bald. I proudly display my bald head in my ads!

Third, those Binder and Binder ads you see on TV aren’t for a law firm. Binder and Binder  sounds like it would be a law firm. It started out as one but the ads you see aren’t for a law firm. If you hire them, you probably won’t have a lawyer representing you. If you’re not happy about what I do, you can complain to the NC State Bar. They’re make me explain. They can take away my license to practice law if I’ve done something wrong. Who are you going to complain to about Binder and Binder? Theoretically, you can complain to Social Security but they really don’t care. Unless Binder and Binder does something to Social Security itself they won’t do anything.

Fourth, if you hire my firm, you’ll meet with your attorney in person pretty soon after you hire us. With Binder and Binder, you probably won’t meet your attorney until the day of the hearing.

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