Why Do They Pay Social Security Disability To Alcoholics And Drug Addicts

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Question: Why do they pay Social Security disability to alcoholics and drug addicts.

Answer: Social Security doesn’t pay disability benefits to anyone because they are an alcoholic or a drug addict. The law says they can’t.

However, something like 20% of the adult population has an alcohol or drug problem. Do we want to deny disability benefits to someone dying of cancer because they drink too much? I would say no, go ahead and pay that person who is dying of cancer even if they drink too much. That’s also what the law says. We don’t give benefits to people because they are alcoholics or drug addicts but we don’t withhold it from them if they are disabled by other problems.

It isn’t always easy to tell how much of a person’s disability is due to, let’s say, mental illness, and how much is due to alcoholism or drug addiction. In those cases, Social Security has made the decision to pay these folks.

On the whole, there is a lot of prejudice against people who has alcohol or drug problems. That can make their Social Security disability cases harder to win.

Yes, it’s possible that you know someone whom you regard as a pathetic or disgusting alcoholic or drug addict who is getting Social Security disability but they are not getting those benefits because of their alcoholism or drug addiction but despite it.

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