Who Is Eligible For SSI?

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Who is eligible for SSI? You have to file a claim for SSI benefits with Social Security. They definitely won’t give you the benefits unless you do. There are two different groups of people who can qualify for SSI. They are as follows:

  • Who is eligible for SSI? You have to have little to no income. Your income must be low and you can’t own much of value — with a couple of big exceptions. If you own your own home and are living in it, it doesn’t count no matter how much it’s worth. One car doesn’t count. There are other exceptions too. The bottom line is that if you’re struggling financially, SSI might be an option for you.
  • Who is eligible for SSI? You have to be aged (65 or older), blind or disabled. Don’t worry about the distinction between blindness and disability. It’s a formality that doesn’t really matter. The definition of disability is the same as for other types of adult Social Security disability programs.

Who is eligible for SSI? A lot of the people this law firm has represented in the past. Get in touch if you live in our service area and would like help.

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