Where Can I Buy A Copy Of Your Book?

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Question: Where can I buy a copy of your book?

Answer: You can order it from West Publishing Company. You will notice that it’s rather expensive. It’s mainly intended for attorneys who represent Social Security claimants. Client who have looked at the book seemed to find it more interesting than I thought they would. At least that’s what they told me. Maybe they were just being polite. If you do order it, be sure to tell the publisher that you don’t want future editions. Law book publishing isn’t like other publishing. Normally, if you order a law book, the publisher just automatically sends you any new editions that come out along with a bill. That’s how law book publishers (and writers) make money.

The publisher sends me some free copies every year. If you’re my client and you ask me for a copy, I’ll give you a copy of an old edition if I have any left.

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