What's The Most You Can Get In Back Social Security Disability Benefits?

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Question: What’s the most you can get in Social Security disability back benefits?

Answer: In rare cases, a person can get more than $100,000 in back Social Security disability benefits. Please remember, I said “in rare cases.” I have had several clients over the years receive more than $100,000 in back benefits. Most of them received the back benefits under the Hyatt class action. The Hyatt class action is over now for all practical purposes. I think I have had one or two non-Hyatt cases to get over $100,000 in back benefits but there were special circumstances involved that allowed the reopening of very old claims.

In more practical terms, the back benefits for a case that goes to a hearing can vary from $0 to around $50,000 with most somewhere a bit below the middle of that range. The amount of the back benefits is determined by the monthly amounts involved and that depends mostly on your past earnings and on the number of months involved. The goal is to get you on benefits long before the back benefits mount up to anything like $100,000 or even $50,000. You might wonder what happens if we win your case but you receive no back benefits. In that situation, we get no fee. I won’t lie and say I enjoy it when that happens but I certainly congratulate my client — and mean it. It’s part of the business of representing Social Security disability claimants.

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