What Should I Wear To My Social Security Disability Hearing?

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Question: What should I wear to my Social Security disability hearing?

Answer: Wear what you might ordinarily wear to go to the grocery store. Mostly, it’s about what not to wear.  Don’t dress up!

I’m not interested in having you look any healthier or wealthier than you are. Don’t take this to an extreme by deliberately wearing shabby clothes that you wouldn’t ordinarily wear but, please, no ties on the guys and nothing fancy on the ladies.

Also, avoid jewelry. Avoid makeup. No fingernail polish. Cover tattoes to the extent practcal. Wear bedroom slippers only if you have to because your feet are so swollen you can’t get anything else on them.

Don’t wear medical braces that you wouldn’t ordinarily wear. Don’t wear medical braces outside your clothing if you wouldn’t do that normally. Don’t come in using a cane or crutches or a wheelchair unless you ordinarily use them when outside the house. Administrative Law Judges don’t like fakery. If they don’t see any indication of this sort of thing in your medical records, they’re going to be suspicious. You can kill a perfectly good case with this sort of thing. Don’t gild the lily.

If you’re my client and you don’t listen to me on this, don’t blame me for a denial!

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