What Is Bipolar I?

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What is bipolar I? It’s a psychiatric disorder characterized by at least one manic or mixed episode. A manic episode is defined as “a period of seven or more days (or any period if admission to hospital is required) of unusually and continuously effusive and open elated or irritable mood, where the mood is not caused by drugs or a medical illness (e.g., hyperthyroidism), and (a) is causing obvious difficulties at work or in social relationships and activities, or (b) requires admission to hospital to protect the person or others, or (c) the person is suffering psychosis. A mixed episode is one in which symptoms of mania and depression occur simultaneously (e.g., agitation, anxiety, fatigue, guilt, impulsiveness, irritability, morbid or suicidal ideation, panic, paranoia, pressured speech and rage).

When it comes to Social Security disability you have to wonder what is bipolar I doing on Social Security’s hit list? Social Security turns down lots and lots of people with bipolar I disorder. Our law firm represents more clients with bipolar disorder (I and II) than any other disease. Partly, it’s because there are a lot of people who have bipolar disorder. Mostly, it’s because Social Security just about never approves claims based upon either bipolar I or II without a fight. There’s no need to be paranoid about it but if you have bipolar disorder and can’t work, Social Security isn’t your friend. You’re in a fight and you’re going to need help.

We can help. We know what is bipolar I. We know how to help those with this disease get on the Social Security disability benefits they need. Contact us today.

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