What Is A Social Security Video Hearing Like?

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Question: What is a Social Security video hearing like?

Answer: You and your attorney, if you have one, are in one location and the judge is in another location. You see each other on TVs. You can speak to each other.

Question: Is a video hearing just as good as an in-person hearing?

Answer: Not in my mind. The video screens are usually huge but the picture quality is terrible. There is a sound delay so people end up talking over each other. It just doesn’t feel the same at all.

Question: Do I have to accept a video hearing?

Answer: No, you can refuse a video hearing. If you do, you’ll get a live hearing.

Question: Is there any harm in refusing a video hearing?

Answer: Yes, delay. At best, refusing a video hearing delays your hearing by at least a month. It can easily be a three month delay.

Question: Should I go ahead with a video hearing?

Answer: I really don’t like video hearings but I can’t say that the outcome is different with a video hearing. Most of my clients are quite eager to get a hearing as soon as possible and don’t want to delay to get a live hearing. Most of my clients don’t dislike a video hearing as much as I do.

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