What Is A Social Security Hearing Like? Part I

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Question: What is a Social Security hearing like?

Answer: I often tell my clients that a Social Security hearing is about as stressful as getting your drivers license renewed. Yes, it’s a bit stressful but only at a fairly low level. An average person can sail through it easily. Even people with serious psychiatric problems get through hearings without difficulty. It’s just an opportunity for you to tell the judge why you can’t work.

Question: Will I have to go before a judge?

Answer: Yes, the person holding the hearing has the title “judge.”  Remember, you’re not being accused of a crime. You’ve done nothing wrong. You should be treated courteously. You may even find the hearing friendly.

Question: Will I have to go into a big courtroom?

Answer: No. It should just be a fairly small room. Nothing fancy. There won’t be more than the few people needed to do the hearing itself. No spectators. No jury. No opposing attorney trying to get you denied. If anything, it may be a letdown after waiting so long for a hearing to see just how routine it all is.

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