We're Not Binder And Binder Or Even Bender And Bender

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You have seen the ads on TV for Binder and Binder. You may have thought it was Bender and Bender since that is how they pronounce it, but it’s Binder and Binder. You have to wonder who is that guy wearing the cowboy hat and talking with a New York accent? Should I hire his firm?

Some facts about Binder and Binder:

  • The guy in the cowboy hat is Charlie Binder. His brother is Harry Binder but he never appears in the TV ads.
  • They are based in the New York City area and operate nationally.
  • They are almost certainly the largest entity representing Social Security claimants. This is how they claim to be the most successful. They win more cases than anyone. Of course, by the same standard they are the most unsuccessful since they lose the most.
  • Whether you like the guy in the cowboy hat or not is irrelevant since you’re most unlikely to ever meet him or talk with him if you have his company representing you.
  • Binder and Binder has a number of offices around the country, including some in NC.
  • Binder and Binder employees rarely meet with the people they represent until the day of their hearing.

Some facts about the Charles T. Hall Law Firm:

  • We are based in Raleigh, have offices in both Raleigh and Fayetteville, and serve the majority of the State of North Carolina. Most of our clients are from Raleigh, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Greenville, Winston-Salem, Roanoke Rapids, Wilson, Kinston, New Bern, Rocky Mount, and surrounding areas.  You can see more detail about the areas we serve here.
  • We’re pretty sure than we represent more Social Security disability claimants in NC than anyone else.
  • We don’t make claims about how successful we are. We are attorneys and the NC State Bar frowns on that sort of thing. Feel free to read some of the testimonials that we have been given by previous clients.
  • If you hire my firm to represent you, it may be me or it may be another of the firm’s attorneys representing you. If it’s one of the other attorneys, I can tell you that I am personally overseeing their work. If one of the firm’s attorneys is representing you and you’re unhappy, you can always ask to talk with me.  I’ll take your call if I’m available. If not, I’ll return your call. I won’t take over the case but I’ll try to sort out any problems.
  • At the Charles T. Hall Law Firm, we meet with our clients as soon as practical after taking on a case. For your free case review, be sure to call us or fill out the FREE Case Review form.
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Charles Hall is the lead attorney for the Charles Hall Law Firm in Raleigh, NC. He has been practicing in the Social Security Disability law field since 1979, is published, and is ready to help new clients win their benefits in North Carolina.