Types of Autoimmune Disease & Social Security Actions

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There are many types of autoimmune disease, and as reported on Social Security’s website, disability applications for those who are the most severely disabled are being fast-tracked. They hope to be able to expedite 150,000 cases this year.  Commissioner Astrue gave some valuable information about this topic during today’s public hearing on Compassionate Allowances.

“Over 20 million Americans suffer from autoimmune conditions, which particularly affect women and children,” Commissioner Astrue said. “The social and financial burdens imposed by these chronic, debilitating diseases can be devastating for individuals and their families. With this hearing, we are searching for objective medical evidence and decision rules that we can use to expedite cases for those with the most severe conditions and quickly provide them with some measure of financial security.”

Social Security implemented Compassionate Allowances in October 2008 to expedite the processing of disability claims for applicants with medical conditions so severe that their conditions by definition meet Social Security’s standards. Currently, 88 specific diseases and conditions qualify as a Compassionate Allowance. To learn more and to view a web cast of this hearing, go to

“Last year, the Compassionate Allowances initiative, along with our Quick Disability Determination process, allowed us to quickly approve over 100,000 disability applications for the most severely disabled Americans,” said Commissioner Astrue. “This year we expect to increase the number of fast-tracked cases to about 150,000. We also plan to expand our list of Compassionate Allowance conditions later this year, bringing it to about 100 conditions.”

via Social Security Press Office: title.

This information is important to follow for those who suffer from one of the types of autoimmune disease that Social Security discusses in the above link. Understanding your rights and the process can make your experience a bit more tolerable. If you suffer from one of the types of autoimmune disease that Social Security discusses and are ready to file for disability or have already been denied, be sure to seek the representation of a lawyer to guide you through the process.



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