SSI Disability Forms

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You can find SSI disability forms online. However, you cannot file an SSI claim online. The most you can do is to print out the forms and then complete them. Even that is fairly pointless since you have to contact Social Security to file an SSI disability claim and Social Security will insist on sending you the forms whether you want them or not.

Basically, if you are looking online for SSI disability forms, you need to stop looking and start contacting either Social Security or a law firm such as this one. There is a strong temptation to keep on trying to collect information instead of doing something as distasteful and as seemingly permanent as contacting Social Security or an attorney to file an SSI disability claim. Contacting Social Security or a law firm isn’t that difficult. If you’re out of work and even thinking about filing an SSI disability claim, you’re almost certainly poor and getting poorer by the month. You have to take action. In business they talk about “paralysis by analysis.” Disabled people are terrible about doing this. You’re never going to know everything about Social Security disability. That’s why you hire someone who knows the ropes.

At the Charles T. Hall Law Firm we’re familiar with the SSI disability forms. We’re ready to help you make your way through the process. We’ll listen to you.

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