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The current maximum SSI amount is $674/month in NC, but that does not mean that you will receive $674 if you are approved for SSI benefits. The SSI amount you receive is computed based upon other income you have. Some things that you may not think of as income will count as income. One of the most important of these is free room and board. Let’s say you’re living with your mother or your child. That reduces your SSI by 1/3.

You may have income from odd job employment. That will reduce your SSI amount as would VA benefits. SSI is a poverty program so it is stingy.

Even though your SSI amount might be low, remember a couple of things. Even if you get only $1 in SSI, you get Medicaid. Having Medicaid to pay for hospitalizations, doctor visits and medications can literally be a life saver. SSI is not the only program that Social Security has that pays disability benefits. Far from it. You can get disability benefits based upon your own earnings. You can get disabled widows or widowers benefits based upon the earnings of a deceased wife or husband. If you became disabled before age 22, you can get disability benefits on the earnings of your father or mother. These other sorts of benefits are not poverty programs. They don’t reduce your benefit because you have other income or live with someone.

The biggest problem is not the SSI amount. It’s how often SSI claims are denied. Helping people who are denied SSI is what we do at the Charles T. Hall Law Firm. Contact us today for help.

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