Some Things That Aren't Disability

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There are many non-medical barriers to employment that are not disability. These do not help you win a Social Security disability claim. To be blunt, talking about these not only does not help you win your case; they make it harder to win. Here are some examples:

  • I can’t work because I don’t have transportation.
  • I can’t work because there’s no one to take care of my children.
  • I can’t work because if I do, I’ll lose my workers compensation.
  • I can’t work because I can’t find a job.
  • I can’t work because I’ve been in prison and no one wants to hire an ex-con.
  • I can’t work because I lost my drivers license after a DWI.
  • I can’t work because my husband is beating me.
  • I can’t work because my mother is sick and I need to take care of her.

Personally, I may be sympathetic to you if you have one or more of these problems but they aren’t disability. Some of my clients just refuse to believe it but talking about these problems to Social Security is a loser.

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