Social Security Law Judges

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There are almost 1,300 Social Security law judges. These Administrative Law Judges, or ALJs, hear only Social Security cases. I think it is hard for most people to believe that there would be a need for so many Social Security law judges but Social Security has only half a million cases each year for these Social Security law judges to hear.

Appearing before one of the Social Security law judges can be a scary experience for most people — not because of the setting or how the Social Security law judges behave but because most people are just not familiar with the process.

I tell people that going before the Social Security law judges is about as scary as getting your drivers license renewed — not that big a deal. Being approved for Social Security disability benefits is important, even urgent but the hearing itself is not that big a deal. It will almost certainly last less than an hour. It may even be less than half an hour — although it may seem longer if it’s your hearing!

The Social Security law judges are no more interested in drama than you are. They are just interested in hearing about what you feel disables you.

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