Was Your Claim Denied?

Don’t be surprised. Approximately 2/3 of Social Security disability claims are denied at the initial level. If you are denied at the initial level, unless you have already returned to work or expect to return to work in the near future, you should consider a Social Security disability appeal. This means that you should file a Request for Reconsideration. This is a time where you should seriously consider hiring an attorney to represent you.

The Appeals Process is time sensitive. If you have received a denial letter, be sure to call us today so that we can get started. There is a specific appeal process that must be followed. There is no need for you to pursue the appeal process alone without the professional guidance of an attorney. There are several levels of appeal — Reconsideration, a Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge, Review by the Appeals Council, and Review in United States District Court. Hiring a lawyer is a very good idea at any stage of the appeals process.

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