What exactly is SSI and SSDI? What is the difference? These are questions that people ask us every day.

Let’s start with SSI or Supplemental Security Income. These benefits are paid to low income individuals who are also disabled. There is no requirement that you have worked in the past. SSI is designed to provide an income for low income, disabled people. When applying for SSI disability, you must meet the qualifications of SSI, having only limited income and resources. SSI benefits are also available for low income children with significant disabilities. There is also a special SSI benefit for the blind.

SSDI, which stands for Social Security Disability Insurance, is different than SSI. In order to qualify, you must have worked in the past. The amount of earnings required depends upon your age.

Neither poverty nor wealth has any bearing on your eligibility for SSDI. It doesn’t matter if you have $1,000,000 or $0; as long as you meet the disability requirements, you are potentially eligible. For this program, you must have a disability that lasted or can be expected to last for at least 12 months or is likely to result in death.

There are also benefits for disabled widows and disabled adult children under SSDI. Disabled Widows and Widowers Benefits are paid to individuals who are at least 50 years old and become disabled within a certain amount of time after the death of their spouse . The late spouse must have worked enough under Social Security in order to be insured. Disabled Adult Child Benefits go to the children of persons who are deceased or who are drawing Social Security disability or retirement benefits. The child must have become disabled before age 22. There is also a special program of benefits for the blind, which adds additional requirements.

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