Social Security Disability Case Backlog

What is your Social Security Status? The Social Security Administration has a large backlog of disability claims and appeals. You may wonder if there is a way to minimize your wait time or to move your case to the front. We do not claim any special power to move your case along faster. Whenever possible we try to find ways to expedite our clients’ cases. We have seen over the years that unrepresented claimants often suffer unnecessary delay because they make mistakes or they fail to act promptly to appeal denials.

If you are thinking of filing for benefits or already have a denied claim, what are you waiting for? You should hire an attorney to help you obtain your benefits. This complex process can take years to understand. We know how to keep the delay to a minimum. We understand your frustration. We will do all that we possibly can to decrease delays for you.

You are at this page because you or someone you love needs help in obtaining their Social Security Disability benefits. It will not cost you a penny to contact us for your free review. Contact us today!