Social Security Disability

We understand it is difficult to decide if you are ready to file for Social Security disability benefits. You wonder if you should be receiving Social Security Disability payments. Once you file a claim, the process of obtaining Social Security disability benefits is often frustrating and confusing. Approximately 2/3 of Social Security disability claims are denied at the initial level. While it is smart to consult a Social Security disability attorney prior to filing your initial claim, we are happy to work with you at all levels of the process. We can help you make your way through the long, tedious process. We practice ONLY Social Security disability Law. We have helped thousands of clients earn their disability benefits and they are now receiving social security disability payments every month. Why fight the system alone? You pay us nothing unless we win your case!

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The INS and OUTS of SSD
Applying for Benefits
Was Your Claim Denied?
SSD Case Backlog