Social Security Disability Secrets

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Are there any Social Security disability secrets? Is there some magic formula that will guarantee that your case will be approved? No, there isn’t. In the end, the following factors matter and none of them is a secret:

  • Can you get your claim for disability benefits filed? They’re not going to give you the disability benefits unless you file a claim.
  • If you get turned down by Social Security are you going to give up or file an appeal?
  • Are you going to stick with your disability case or get frustrated and give up?
  • Are you going to hire an attorney to represent you?
  • How sick are you?
  • How old are you? That matters a lot to Social Security.
  • What kind of work did you do in the past?
  • Does Social Security know all that’s wrong with you?
  • Does Social Security have all of your relevant medical records?
  • Is your case being adequately framed and presented? You may want to talk about your bad back but your attorney may want you talking your depression,  a subject you don’t like talking about.
  • If you have an attorney, does that attorney have a good idea where he or she is going with the case when you go into a hearing?
  • Does Social Security know what your doctors think about your disability claim?
  • Who is deciding upon your case? Yes, Social Security’s judges are unique individuals and it can matter which one you draw.
  • If you have a hearing, is your testimony being presented in a way that allows the judge to understand what’s wrong with you and why you’re not working?
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