Social Security Disability And Medicaid

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Yesterday, I talked about Social Security disability and Medicare. So, what about that similar sounding program called Medicaid?

Medicaid, like Medicare, also pays medical bills but the similarities end about there. Medicaid is a poverty program. You have to have low income and resources to get it. One way of being categorically eligible for Medicaid is to qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is available to the aged (65 or older), blind and disabled.

Unlike Medicare, there is no waiting period for Medicaid. That is very important. That two and a half year waiting period for Medicare is a killer — literally.

There are no premiums for Medicaid. You may have some deductibles and co-payments for Medicaid but not much. That is also quite important.

I’ve talked about the good things about Medicaid. Let me talk about the bad things. Medicaid reimburses doctors and hospitals at a much lower rate that Medicare or private insurance. Doctors and hospitals are supposed to give the same care to Medicaid patients as their other patients but patients don’t always see it that way.  What’s worse is that some hospitals and a lot of doctors won’t accept Medicaid patients. You may have only limited or no choices on whom you can see.

Despite these problems, having Medicaid is immeasurably better than having no medical coverage.

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