Social Security Disability And Facebook

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I have not heard of a Social Security disability claimant being denied because of something that he or she posted on Facebook or some other social media platform but it is only a matter of time. It is not uncommon for Social Security personnel, including Administrative Law Judges (ALJs)  to deliberately look out the window as you leave to observe how you are walking. If the judge sees you limping while entering and leaving a hearing room but walking easily in the parking lot, your case has problems. If ALJs do that, they can easily start looking up your Facebook page or Twitter account. The ALJs all have internet access in their offices.

If you have a Social Security disability claim, be careful not to post something online that would cast an unfavorable light on your Social Security disability claim.

On the whole, if you have a Social Security disability claim and  feel that you need to worry about what you post online or how you walk in the parking lot outside a Social Security hearing office, I would appreciate it if you took your business somewhere other than my law firm. The vast majority of people filing claims for Social Security disability benefits are honest people. There are a few phonies. I am not interested in representing them. I don’t think that many of them win anyway.

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