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ALJ Decision Chart

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There is a Social Security Administrative Law Judge database. This allow you to look up the stats on each of Social Security’s Administrative Law Judges (ALJs). The image above shows the overall stats.

There are a few things you need to know in order to understand the Social Security Administrative Law Judge database. First, one abbreviation — ODAR. That means Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. That’s the part of Social Security where the ALJs work. Second, when an ALJ has worked in more than one ODAR office at Social Security, what he or she has done at each individual office is listed separately. Third, an award is a decision that award benefits but these awards are broken down into two subcategories, Fully Favorable and Partially Favorable. A partially favorable decision might find a disability claimant disabled but at a later date than he or she alleged, for instance.

You may want to look up some exceptional ALJs on the Social Security Administrative Law Judge database, so I’ll give you a few names:

  • David Daugherty
  • Gilbert Rodriguez
  • Frederic McGrath

Don’t get hung up on low producing ALJs in the Social Security Administrative Law Judge database. These are probably ALJs who only worked for a part of the time period because they had just started work with Social Security or they retired or they were sick.

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