Qualifying For SSI Disability

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Qualifying for SSI disability benefits is essential if you can’t work and have no income.  SSI disability benefits give you a cash income and Medicaid. You’ll have barely enough to get by on but without it, you’re probably going to end up trying to get by on nothing.

People often wait to start the process of qualifying for SSI disability until they have exhausted every other possibility. I understand that people don’t like to take government benefits, I understand that people don’t want to admit to themselves that they are disabled but I really hate it when I see someone who has been reduced to living in a homeless shelter when they could have avoided it by qualifying for SSI disability earlier. If you are disabled and have no income but still believe that you could never get to the point that you are reduced to living in a homeless shelter, you’d better think about it hard. Is there really no risk this could happen to you?

Social Security doesn’t make qualifying for SSI disability easy but it’s not impossible either. It certainly shouldn’t be demeaning.  The tough part of qualifying for SSI disability is how long it can take. It can certainly seem discouraging.

You’re probably going to need someone to help you go about qualifying for SSI disability. That’s where my law firm comes in. We’ll do what we can to ease the load on you. We can’t do it unless you contact us.

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