NC Social Security Disability

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There are tens of thousands of NC Social Security disability claims each year. I think that the average Social Security disability claimant has no idea just how many people there are filing disability claims. There are several hundred people working at the NC Disability Determination Services (DDS) making initial and reconsideration determinations on NC Social Security disability claims. There are four hearing offices in the state hearing NC Social Security disability cases. Between them, they probably have more than 200 employees.

If you have an NC Social Security disability claim you may think they are simply tormenting you by denying your claim but it is really much worse than that. It truly is nothing personal. It is an entire system built up with deal with NC Social Security disability claims which is mostly set up to deny them.

Dealing with the NC Social Security disability system by yourself is a mistake. It is just too big to take on without specialized knowledge and experience, especially when you are trying to cope with serious illness. Winning a NC Social Security disability case is not an impossible task but it is not an easy task. Hire someone who knows how to deal with the NC Social Security disability establishment.

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