Multiple Sclerosis Disability Benefits

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Social Security does pay multiple sclerosis disability benefits. If MS has left a person in a wheelchair, full time, approval is just about guaranteed.  However, many with MS have a relapsing and remitting form of MS that leaves them much better at some times than at others. These claimants have a tough time being approved for multiple sclerosis disability benefits.

MS patients who have weakness as a primary symptom of their disease also have trouble being approved for multiple sclerosis disability benefits.  Social Security prefers to pay benefits based upon hard evidence, such as an x-ray.

Weakness and fatigue do not show up on x-rays. They cannot be measured. No one doubts that weakness and fatigue are big problems for many MS patients, but Social Security does not like to evaluate these problems which cannot be measured; so many MS patients get turned down for Social Security disability benefits.

These problems, while difficult, are not impossible. At the Charles T. Hall Law Firm, we have helped many people obtain multiple sclerosis disability benefits. We work with you and your doctor to try to convince Social Security of the severity of your symptoms.

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