Is SSI Taxable?

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Is SSI taxable? The answer is “no” which is nice but it may not mean as much as you think. SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, is a poverty program. It doesn’t pay that much money so even if it were taxable, the tax probably wouldn’t amount to much.

Even if the answer to the question “Is SSI taxable?” is no, other types of Social Security benefits are partially taxable, however. There are such limitations on the taxability that it will not matter to you unless you have substantial non-Social Security income.

In general, I think a lot of people spend a lot of time worrying about questions such as “Is SSI taxable?” when they really need to get going with a claim for Social Security disability benefits. Of course, I’m not talking to you if you’re already on benefits but a lot of people who are disabled spend a lot of time endlessly trying to gather information instead of getting on with the task at hand — filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits.

You can figure out the answer to the question of “Is SSI taxable?” and many other answers and still get nowhere if you never file a claim for Social Security disability benefits. We’re happy to provide information at the Charles T. Hall Law Firm but if you contact us, we’ll also try to start helping you make progress towards getting the income and medical help you need to survive as a disabled person. If you’re reading this, you probably need the income and the medical help even more than you need information.

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