Is Social Security Going To Be Around For Me?

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Question: Is Social Security going to be around for me?

Answer: Yes, Social Security is going to be around for you.

People think that someone like myself who would be out of a job if Social Security stopped must worry about whether Social Security will be around in the future. Actually, no, I don’t worry about this. The people who work at Social Security don’t worry about it either, as best I can tell. The reason we don’t worry about the future of Social Security is that we know just how important Social Security is to the country. About one person in six in this country, man, woman and child, draws Social Security. We live in a democracy, perhaps an imperfect democracy, but a democracy nevertheless. The 60 million plus Americans who draw Social Security as well as the tens of millions others who expect to draw Social Security in the future are not going to let it go away

What those of us who are professions in Social Security worry about is the state of the Social Security Administration itself. Will the agency be given sufficient operating funds so that it can adequately discharge its responsibilities? Actually, the answer to that question is already “No” because Social Security does not have adequate operating funds. This causes backlogs and mistakes throughout the agency. Unfortunately, the problems are going to get worse before they get better. However, these problems do not mean that Social Security is going to go away. It just means that the agency that administers Social Security has to muddle through and that a lot of people, most of them disabled, will receive poor service.

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