How To Prepare A Social Security Disability Claim

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My clients often ask how to prepare a Social Security disability claim. The thought underlying the question is that there must be something that you can do from the beginning that will make it more likely that you win or, at least, that your disability case isn’t delayed.

In a sense, it is simple. Knowing how to prepare a Social Security disability claim is important. You prepare to file a Social Security disability claim by contacting Social Security to set up an appointment to file the claim. While you are waiting for that appointment to come up, you ought to be gathering a list of the medical providers you have had since you became disabled. You need that names, addresses and phone numbers. Social Security is going to want this information. If you have it handy, you avoid delay and confusion.

But knowing how to prepare a Social Security disability claim gets you only so far. This isn’t a test where you get a gold sticker for neatness. Social Security approves plenty of disability claims filed by people who are very confused. Social Security denies a lot of disability claims that are filed in apple pie order.

There aren’t simple tips that assure a good result on your Social Security disability claim. The process is more complicated than that. That’s why you need a lawyer.

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