How To Make A Mess Of Your Social Security Disability Case

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Here’s a list of some ways you can make a mess of your Social Security disability case — things you need to avoid doing.

  • Delay and delay filing your Social Security disability claim until you’re desperately poor. I understand. You keep thinking you might get better and filing for Social Security disability looks like such a hassle.  The problem is that Social Security isn’t likely to approve your claim immediately. You don’t want to hear that it may take well over a year to win your Social Security disability claim when you’re threatened with being homeless next week. Don’t wait on filing your claim. Do it as soon as it’s clear that you’re going to be out of work due to illness for more than two or three months. If you get better, you can go back to work and just abandon your claim.
  • Get frustrated when Social Security turns you down and just walk away — until a few months later when you start all over again from scratch. It’s very frustrating to get denied but it’s also very common at Social Security. Don’t get mad. Get busy filing an appeal. If you walk away after a denial, you’re probably just adding months and months onto an already lengthy process.
  • Stop seeing doctors. You’re hurting your chances of being approved if you discontinue medical treatment. Talk with your doctor about reducing the frequency of your visits, reducing the expensive tests and dropping specialist care. If you can’t afford your doctor any more, look around for free medical clinics.
  • Avoid hiring an attorney to represent you. Notice that the kinds of things I’m talking about above are pretty simple and seem obvious when you think about them? Yet, many, many Social Security claimants make these mistakes when they don’t have an attorney helping them. There’s a good chance that you’ll do something equally foolish if you don’t have an attorney representing you. And, of course, I’m just talking about the simple stuff here. That’s many more complicated things that an attorney representing you on a Social Security disability claim does.
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