How To File Social Security Disability

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Knowing how to file Social Security disability claims is essential if you are going to get on Social Security disability benefits. They may or may not approve your disability claim but they definitely aren’t going to give you disability benefits until you file a claim!

Here are several ways how to file Social Security disability claims:

Call Social Security and schedule an appointment to file the claim

Go to a Social Security office in person and file a claim

Go online and file the claim

Contact an attorney to help you file the claim

Calling Social Security to schedule an appointment to file the claim is probably the best way of doing it if you aren’t going to hire an attorney. There may be a little delay on the telephone. Everybody, including Social Security, makes you go through some hassle before you get to talk to a real person. Once you get to a real person, you still have to schedule an appointment for later. You won’t be able to file the claim right then. Going to a Social Security office to file the claim can be a frustrating experience. You will probably have to wait quite a bit and they will probably try to give you an appointment to come back later. Filing online may not be a good idea unless you really, really want to do it that way. The process is not as user-friendly as you would like. You cannot file online if you need to file an SSI claim. Contacting an attorney who does a lot of Social Security work may be your best bet. There will still be some hassle. You will still have to deal with Social Security but you’ll have help. At the Charles T. Hall Law Firm, we know how to file Social Security disability claims. We can help you through the process. We’ll do our best to keep you from getting frustrated.

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