How To Apply For SSI Disability Benefits

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How to ApplyWe are often contacted by people who wonder how to apply for SSI disability benefits. I can tell you how to apply for SSI disability benefits easily enough. You call Social Security and set up an appointment to file the claim. You can’t file an SSI claim over the internet. Your appointment will almost certainly be over the telephone. They will ask some questions, most of them fairly simple ones. They will send you some paperwork to complete and return. Most people find the paperwork to be not all that difficult but some people have trouble with it.

OK, I’ve told you how to apply for SSI disability benefits. You have to contact Social Security, which you already knew. Filing the claim isn’t that hard but, frankly, you probably already knew that too. But you’re holding back, worried about taking that next step, seeking more information. Let me give you a little reassurance.

  • If you change your mind later, you can always drop your claim.
  • If you get better later, you can always drop your claim.
  • You can always go back to work later even once you get on SSI. You just have to let Social Security know. There’s no problem with them if you go back to work. They’re quite happy for you to go back to work. They may cut back your benefits but you’re not in the least bit of trouble as long as you don’t hide the fact that you’ve gone back to work.
  • Nobody is going to know that you’ve filed for SSI disability benefits other than your doctors’ offices unless you tell them. And who would care anyway? There’s nothing shameful about being disabled. You didn’t ask for your health problems.

Need more help and reassurance: Contact us. We know the Social Security ropes. We certainly know how to apply for SSI disability benefits.

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