How To Apply For Permanent Disability In NC

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People ask us how for apply for permanent disability in NC. The simple answer to the question is that you can’t apply for permanent disability from Social Security in NC or any other state. Social Security is required by law to review everyone who is on Social Security disability benefits at least every seven years (except in rare circumstances) to see if they have improved. Most people on Social Security disability benefits are reviewed every three years.

People who ask how to apply for permanent disability in NC need to understand that being reviewed by Social Security after one gets on Social Security disability isn’t that big a deal. In most cases, Social Security sends you a form to complete. As long as you do not report a return to work or medical improvement, there is usually little to worry about. Of course, if you have worked or gotten better, you should tell Social Security. Never lie to Social Security. As a general matter, Social Security cannot cut off your disability benefits unless you have medically improved or unless you return to work for a substantial length of time. The bottom line is that we get a lot of people on Social Security disability. Very few of them ever call us to report that Social Security is trying to cut off their benefits.

In a sense, the answer to the question of how to apply for permanent disability in NC is to just apply for Social Security disability benefits. In all likelihood, you will end up on permanent disability because you’re unlikely to get much better and you’re unlikely to return to work for long.

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