How Much Will I Get A Month If I Am Approved?

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Question: How much will I get a month if I am approved?

Answer: I am only going to talk about the two most important Social Security disability programs: Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). My answer may not be completely satisfactory but it’s the best I can do.

The amount you receive in DIB depends upon how much money you made when you were working. It’s not a simple formula. I wont’ even try to explain it. Social Security used to send out statements every year to people who were working. These statements showed how much a person would receive if they got on various types of Social Security, including DIB. A sample copy is pictured above. Social Security only recently stopped sending those out. You may still have a copy. Take a look at it. The amount you receive will probably be different by a few dollars but it should be pretty close. It doesn’t matter for DIB if you have income from other sources.

When it comes to SSI if you have no other income and you have no spouse and you’re not being given anything such as free room and board and you live in North Carolina, you’ll receive $674 per month, as of this writing. If you have other income or if you have a spouse with income or if you are being given things such as free room and board, you’ll get less. How much less depends upon the nature of the other income and how much of it there is

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