How Do I Get My Social Security Case Expedited?

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Question: How do I get my Social Security disability case expedited?

Answer: I am sorry to say that the answer is that you probably can’t get it expedited.

Social Security is expediting the following categories of disability cases:

  • Wounded warriors — that is individuals who are disabled as a result of military service. This does not have to be combat injuries
  • Claimants who are terminally ill.
  • Claimants who are without and unable to obtain food, medicine or shelter
  • Claimants who are suicidal or homicidal

If none of those categories describe you, then you are ineligible for having your case expedited.

Despite this, it is possible to encourage Social Security to make a quicker decision in your case. Most prominently, we can ask Social Security to give you an “on the record” decision approving your disability claim without a hearing. At best, this works in about 20% of cases. It is less likely for claimants under 50 or for those whose main problem is mental. Alcoholism or other substance abuse also makes in harder to get an on the record reversal.

You should beware of anyone who touts their ability to get your case expedited.  There are no secret backdoor shortcuts. In general, attorneys like myself do what we can to get cases expedited but downplay those chances to our client. Social Security claimants need no encouragement to have unrealistic expectations. The hard part is bringing people down to reality and getting them to make the hard decisions they have to make to survive until they can get a win. If their decision happens to come a bit faster than expected, they can adjust easily. However, if it takes a lot longer than they expected, they can be in trouble.

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