How Can Social Security Turn Down Someone Who Is In As Much Pain As I Am?

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Question: How can Social Security turn down a disability claim filed by someone who is in as much pain as I am?

Answer: Social Security has a real problem dealing with disability claims filed by people who are in a lot of pain. Social Security doesn’t deny that pain can be so bad that you can’t work with it. Social Security doesn’t even deny that you might be in that much pain. They just want you to prove that you’re in that much pain and by prove, they mean prove it beyond any doubt.

The problem with this is that you’ve probably never seen any machine at your doctor’s office that measured your pain. That’s because no such machine exists. That’s why they ask you that stupid question about rating your pain on a scale from one to ten. If they had some way of measuring your pain, would they ask you that question?

It’s impossible to tell how much pain someone else is in. It’s hard for a person who is in severe pain to understand but the rest of us don’t feel your pain. We also don’t see it,  smell it, taste it or hear it. We only know about your pain because you tell us about it. If that’s not enough to convince someone that you are in severe pain, there’s really nothing that will convince them. That’ s the problem with Social Security.

I make it sound worse than it is. At the initial and reconsideration levels you just don’t win based upon paid. When you get to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, it is certainly possible to win based upon pain. It’s a shame they make you wait that long and put you through so much heartache but that’s how it works out.

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