Filing for Disability in NC

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Filing for disability in NC is something you may want to consider if you are suffering from a severe physical or mental impairment that has significantly reduced your earnings or your ability to earn a living wage. Because numbers of applications for disability are increasing, it usually takes several months to receive a decision on a claim. Add to that this fact:  North Carolina disability determination services (DDS), which makes decisions on all initial applications as well as reconsideration appeals for Social Security, rejects many claims.  You are probably looking at a considerable wait between the time you actually file your application for SSD and the time you will see any financial relief in the form of disability benefits assuming your claim is successful.

Filing  for disability in NC can be done three ways:

a. The best source of information about processing a disability application is the claims representative at your local Social Security office.   Go to the local office which serves your county in N.C. You will likely have to take a number, sit down, and wait until you are called to talk to a representative.  However, you can usually complete and  sign your application that same day.

b.  You can call the national toll free number for Social Security and ask a representative to set up a telephone conference with the local Social Security office for you to apply.  On that day, at the appointed time, a representative of the local office will call and take your information by phone.The rep will interview you, answer your questions, and then send you your application by post to sign and return to the office.

c.  You also have the option of filing your claim for disability online for SSD not SSI, by going to

After completing all paperwork or filing online for benefits, be prepared to wait a while before hearing that a decision has been made on whether or not you are disabled.   At any point – before or after filing an application or after getting a denial – you can have help in the process by calling Charles Hall Law Firm.  We will help you as you are filing for disability in NC.

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