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Charles HallAt the Charles T. Hall Law Firm we help people file for SSI disability. If you have little to no income and are unable to work due to illness or injury, you may need to file for SSI disability.

You file for SSI disability with Social Security. Supplemental Security Income or SSI is available for people with little to no income and disabled. It is considered to be a welfare program. There are rules defining just how poor you must be to get the benefits. Basically, if you qualify to receive Food Stamps, you will probably qualify for SSI if you are disabled as well.

Having little to no income is not enough. When you file for SSI disability you also have to prove that you are disabled. That can be tough when you can’t afford medical care. Do the best you can. Learn about any free medical care in your area.

You might wonder how we at the Charles T. Hall Law Firm cane represent people who file for SSI disability. Those are poor folks. How can they pay an attorney fee. We represent them on a contingent fee agreement. That means we only get a fee if we win. If we win we get one-quarter of the back benefits, that is the amount of the SSI that builds up between the time that the claimant does file for SSI disability and the date they are approved. We represent people who are so poor that they live in homeless shelters. You can’t be too poor to afford a lawyer when you file for SSI disability.

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Charles Hall is the lead attorney for the Charles Hall Law Firm in Raleigh, NC. He has been practicing in the Social Security Disability law field since 1979, is published, and is ready to help new clients win their benefits in North Carolina.