Don't Let Social Security Account Fraud Happen To You

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We’re hearing of more and more cases where a crook has been able to steal a Social Security recipient’s money electronically. The way it works is that the crook goes online and uses some simple information to establish an online account with Social Security for someone they know is receiving Social Security benefits. They then use the online account to change the bank account to which the direct deposit is made. Then they loot the money from the bogus account. By the time the Social Security beneficiary realizes their money is missing, the crook is long gone and the beneficiary is out one or two months of benefits.  The cybercriminal may not be here in the U.S. They could be operating out of China or Russia or Nigeria or Iran.

If this happens to you, Social Security will eventually pay you the money that was stolen but it may take two or three months.

Don’t let this happen to you. Establish your own online account with Social Security before some crook can do it for you. Don’t let them steal your money!

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