Does The Election Matter To Someone Who's Applying For Social Security Disability?

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I wish it weren’t the case but this election may matter greatly to those who are applying for Social Security disability benefits. It used to be that Social Security disability was a bipartisan issue. Members of the two parties might put a little different spin on things but there was little that actually split them. That’s changed. The two parties are more split now than they have been in my lifetime and the Social Security disability programs may be affected.

These are the issues that may divide the parties:

  • Social Security’s administrative appropriation. The Social Security Administration can’t just spend anything it pleases on its operating expenses. These operating expenses are part of the unified federal budget. That money must be appropriated by Congress. You may have heard that Republicans want to cut the budget. Social Security’s operating expenses are part of that budget. Cut Social Security’s budget and it takes longer for you to get a decision on your Social Security disability claim or appeal. It will be harder for you to get in touch with Social Security.
  • Disability Trust Fund. The Disability Insurance Trust Fund runs out of money in 2016. Don’t freak out. Something will be done to transfer money from the Retirement Trust Fund before that happens, regardless of who gets elected. Republicans are starting to make noises about wanting changes in Social Security disability to make it harder to get on Social Security disability benefits as the price for allowing the transfer of funds from the Retirement Trust Fund. Democrats will probably oppose this.
  • Medicaid. The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, makes Medicaid available in 2016 for millions of poor people and that includes a lot of people who are trying to get on Social Security disability benefits. However, a state can refuse to administer the Medicaid benefits. Many Republican governors are refusing to take the extra Medicaid benefits. The Republican and Democratic candidates for NC governor are being coy on this but it’s a good bet that the Democratic candidate will take the extra Medicaid benefits and the Republican candidate won’t. Claimants for Social Security disability benefits who are not receiving medical care or who are receiving inadequate medical care are much less likely to be approved for Social Security disability benefits.
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