Do I Have To Go To That Medical Exam That Social Security Set Up For Me?

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Question: Do I have to go to that medical exam that Social Security set up for me?

Answer: Yes, you really do have to go to the medical exam. They can and will turn you down for refusing to cooperate if you don’t go.

The medical exam itself shouldn’t be anything unpleasant. There are a very few of these doctors who do a hatchet job but we can help you avoid them.   We know who the bad doctors are. We can ask Social Security to reschedule your exam with a different doctor. This sort of local knowledge is important. We have it. Attorneys and others representing Social Security claimants who are based out of state don’t have that sort of knowledge. Pay attention to that when you are choosing someone to represent you.

On the whole, I think the medical exams that Social Security sends people to are more likely to help your case than hurt it. Mostly, though, the exams are barely worth what Social Security pays for them. They don’t tell Social Security much.

By the way, if you would like to read what one of the doctors who does these exams thinks, take a look at Tell Me Where It Hurts by Heather Kovich.

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