Do I Have To Go To That Doctor That Social Security Is Sending Me To?

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You don't need to be scared to see Social Security's doctor!

Question: Do I have to go to that doctor that Social Security is sending me to?

Answer: Yes, as a practical matter you do have to go to the doctor that Social Security is sending you to, but you may be able to get it switched to a different doctor.

Social Security can deny a disability claim if a claimant refuses to cooperate with the agency. Refusing to go to what they call a consultative examination can be considered refusing to cooperate and can get you denied.

Usually, you may as well go to the consultative examination. It’s unlikely to hurt you and may even help you. Not going is almost certain to get you denied.

You can ask to be sent to a different doctor than the one that Social Security initially picks out for you. Social Security will generally honor one such request.

At the Charles T. Hall Law Firm, we don’t often do that but there is one psychiatrist who does a lot of exams for Social Security that we often want to avoid. He seems to believe that everyone he meets is “antisocial” which is psychiatric talk for “criminal” and also a drug addict or alcoholic. There are certainly some Social Security disability claimants with these problems but not virtually every one of them! This psychiatrist is also frequently perceived as antagonistic and unpleasant by Social Security claimants.

How do you know which consultative examiners to avoid? You hire an experienced attorney.

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