Do I Deserve Social Security Disability?

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On occasion, I have a client ask if I think  they deserve Social Security disability benefits. More often, it’s an unstated question. In a sense, the answer is simple, if I took on your case, I think you should win and that you will win, so, yes, I think you deserve Social Security disability benefits. However, I think the question comes about not because the person really wants information. It’s a sign of how the person who has the question feels about himself or herself.

Being disabled is tough mentally. People who are disabled come to think of themselves as being less worthy than they used to be; less worthy of love, friendship and care. They think of themselves as less worthy of help from their government in their hour of need. The fact that Social Security has turned them down just contributes to the feelings of unworthiness. I could call this a manifestation of depression — and it is — but it goes deeper. Being disabled can be a soul-sucking experience.

The practical problem with a person having the concern that they may not “deserve” Social Security disability is that this can lead to the person failing to properly pursue their Social Security disability claim. Don’t do this. Winning a Social Security disability claim won’t solve all your problems or even your most important problems but it is an important way of making your situation better. Most of your problem have no ready solution. They have to be lived with. However, lack of money and lack of medical insurance are problems that can be dealt with by winning Social Security disability.

We’re here to help. We think you deserve a lot better than what life has given you. Don’t give up.

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