Disabling Pain

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There are few things tougher than living with disabling pain that goes on and on. People never get used to it. Other people never “feel your pain” or understand what you’re going through. Treatments barely work at all and they often have side effects that are almost as bad as the pain.

One particularly bad part of having disabling pain is trying to get on Social Security disability benefits. Social Security definitely doesn’t “feel your pain.” In fact, they seem to believe that if they can’t feel it, that it must not be real. That’s cruel. It’s hard dealing with government agencies when you’re feeling good. It’s really tough when you’re hurting.

It’s possible to get Social Security disability benefits for disabling pain. It’s first of all crucial that you file a claim for Social Security disability benefits. They are definitely not going to give it to you unless you file a claim. You need to be under medical treatment. You have to avoid self-defeating behavior such as getting frustrated and walking away from your Social Security disability claim. You need to avoid any substance abuse since it’s all too easy for Social Security to dismiss a person with chronic pain as simply a drug seeker.

At the Charles T. Hall Law Firm, disabling pain is involved in many of our cases, probably well over half of them. We win most of them. Contact us if you’d like help. We can help you file a claim and pursue all the appeals.

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