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We deliver!Looking for some help with a Social Security disability NC case? You’ve come to the right place. At the Charles T. Hall Law Firm, we have helped thousands of NC residents with Social Security disability claims. Our firm has five lawyers who do nothing but assist people like you with disability NC cases.

No matter who you hire to help with your Social Security disability NC case, it’s going to cost you the same thing. You should select the person you hire based upon the qualify of representation you’ll receive. Here are some things you need to consider:

  • We’re based here in NC. Many of the people you see who are trying to get you to hire them are out of state.
  • We’re lawyers. If you’re paying for a lawyer, you may as well get one. Many of the people who are trying to get you to hire them are not attorneys. Just about anyone can represent Social Security claimants but you don’t want just about anyone representing you. Pay attention when you see the word “advocate.” It’s code for “We’re not attorneys.”
  • We meet with our clients in person. Wonder how those out of state firms can represent people in NC? It’s simple. Don’t bother with meeting with you for the first time until the day of your hearing.
  • We’ll get your medical records to help prove disability. We may ask you to help a bit but we know that it’s basically our responsibility to get these records. Many of the people trying to get your business want you to do all the work.
  • We have a real live person answering our telephone. We can’t have your attorney available 24/7 but we do return our messages. It’s hard to get through to some of the people who are trying to get your business. That’s a bad sign.

It’s your Social Security disability NC case. Hire someone who will give you service.

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Charles Hall is the lead attorney for the Charles Hall Law Firm in Raleigh, NC. He has been practicing in the Social Security Disability law field since 1979, is published, and is ready to help new clients win their benefits in North Carolina.