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If you want Social Security disability law information, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look around on this website for Social Security disability law information. Here are some of the more important pieces of Social Security disability law information that people need to know:

  • Social Security is definitely not going to give you a disability check each month unless you file a claim.
  • Most Social Security disability claims are denied initially, but most can be won on appeal. Don’t be a foolish person who gets denied, becomes frustrated and gives up. Giving up won’t get you the funds that you need.
  • It can take a long time to get on Social Security disability. Many people think this means that you should delay filing a claim until you’re desperate. Actually, this means that you should file a Social Security disability claim as soon as it becomes clear that you’re going to be out of work for a substantial length of time.
  • Hire a lawyer early on — before you ever file a claim. It won’t cost any more, and it will take a big load of worry off you shoulders. We don’t charge a penny until the very end of the case, and even then, we only charge you a fee if you win your case!
  • Having a hearing before a Social Security Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is nothing to be scared of. It’s about as stressful as getting your drivers license renewed.

We’re happy to give out disability law information over the telephone. You don’t have to be ready to hire an attorney. We’ll talk with you even if you’re still just thinking about what you want to do. Give us a call today at 1-866-425-5347.

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