Disability In NC

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Filing for disability in NC with Social Security can be difficult. Social Security isn’t that easy to get up with. They make mistakes and lose things. People who need to file for disability in NC are sick. It’s hard to do even simple things when you’re sick and filing for disability in NC isn’t that simple.

To file for disability in NC, you can:

Whatever you do to start filing for disability in NC, get on with it! People usually wait months and even years longer than they should before filing for disability in NC. Until you get on disability, you’re probably getting poorer and poorer each month. Getting on Social Security disability is going to take some time. The sooner you get started, the sooner you are get a regular income and Medicare or Medicaid.

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Charles Hall is the lead attorney for the Charles Hall Law Firm in Raleigh, NC. He has been practicing in the Social Security Disability law field since 1979, is published, and is ready to help new clients win their benefits in North Carolina.