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A Complicated Explanation From NC DDS Website


Is your Social Security disability clam pending with Disability Determination Services NC? You’re not alone. At any given time Disability Determination Services NC is reviewing many thousands of Social Security disability claims. That’s right, thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of cases pending at Disability Determination Services NC.

Disability Determination Services NC is an agency of the State of North Carolina, although they certainly don’t advertise this fact. They are working under contract with Social Security. This is pretty much the same way its done in all the states. Although Disability Determination Services NC is a state agency, this is of little consequence. The e-mail address for employees at Disability Determination Services NC an in the sssa.gov domain, for goodness sakes.

Disability Determination Services NC is composed mostly of “units” where disability examiners work. A “unit” is basically a group of disability examiners working with some support personnel under a supervisor. Disability Determination Services NC has physicians and psychologists on staff. They are supposed to review each case but the reviews are usually quite perfunctory.

The main fact that claimants need to know about Disability Determination Services NC is that, while its employees are not your enemies, the process is set up to mostly deny claims. To oversimplify only slightly, if a disability examiner at Disability Determination Services NC wants to deny your disability claim, it’s very easy. Probably, no one else will take a serious look at your case or say anything to the disability examiner even if the denial makes little sense. On the other hand, if the disability examiner wants to allow you, that decision is going to be carefully reviewed at least twice by people who seem to be looking to find fault with allowances. They can send the case back to the examiner. Too many cases get sent back to the examiner and the examiner gets in trouble. Does that system sound a bit slanted?

In the end Disability Determination Services NC allows about 30% of claims at the initial level and about 11% at reconsideration. Cases that go on to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) are approved about 60% of the time.

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